Diocese of Chichester Youth

The last year has been a time where many have felt completely disconnected. Disconnected from family, friends, church, neighbours, and Church. God has stayed with us through lockdown and there have been so many resources to help us stay connected to God, but that cannot make up for being with others in the way we were designed to be.

May Camp has always tried to focus on bringing young people together from local churches. The weekend is an opportunity for youth groups to grow closer together as well as closer to God. But it is also a place that you see that you’re part of something bigger! Young people from Churches across the whole diocese, from different backgrounds, styles, and traditions, all gathering because of Jesus.

In 2021 we cannot all meet together on Plumpton Racecourse, but we can start to meet back in our church groups and youth groups. This is why in 2021 we’re asking groups to put on May Camp in their churches.It’s time we start to reconnect. We will be providing resource packs for your group with a ready-made May Camp event ready to run. We’ll be producing videos which you can download in advance or stream over the weekend (if you have the technology).

Some groups may want to run May Camp like a holiday club over the weekend. Some may want to run it as a couple of evening events, some may find a way to run their own mini residential and camp (covid restrictions allowing). Some churches may join with other groups. We’d love to see you putting on BBQs or ordering pizzas, playing silly games and engaging with the teaching resources we will provide.

We will be asking you to send us videos of your group together which we’ll compile for the next day to share with everyone taking part. Although we can’t be together, we can still be connected.

Throughout the whole Bible we see a Holy God trying to be close with his people, us, his creation. In Genesis it says that He walked in the garden with Adam and Eve, then we see Aaron and Moses set up the tent of meeting where the presence of God dwelled in the Arc and travelled with the Israelites. We see synagogues popping up across Babylon after the exile then Jesus comes to live among us, leaving his Holy Spirit that God can be close with us all the time. We may feel disconnected, but we’re not. God promises over and over again through the Bible that he will never leave us. Deuteronomy 31:6,8, Joshua1:5,9, Chronicles28:20, Psalm55:22, 73:23, Isaiah41:10, Matthew28:20, Hebrews13:5.

We want May Camp 2021 to show us that we are still connected, still part of something bigger and most of all. We’re not alone.