Diocese of Chichester Youth

CoViD-19 Measures

Here you will find resources and ideas here for how you can continue to engage with young people in light of constantly changing advice relating to the spread of CoViD-19

If you have ideas and resources you would be willing to share then please do send them to youth@chichester.anglican.org

During this difficult time we want to find creative ways to encourage young people to pray and worship in their own homes and to engage with our church communities as much as possible.

The latest guidance from the CofE around youth and children's work

Use the link below to download the latest guidance from the CofE relating to the return of youth and children's activities. Published 30th September 2020

Ideas and advice for using video

Here is a video that Ross MacLennan from St John's, Crawley has recorded. 

This is great advice on the practicalities of using video in youth work during lockdown and social distancing. Ross talks about some of the safeguarding considerations as well as some creative and innovative ways that you can engage with young people remotely.

Safeguarding advice for video conferencing with young people

Many youth groups will be looking to use online video conferencing to continue engaging with young people. You can find links to some of the systems which you might like to use to participate in such work further down this page.

There are some key safeguarding considerations to take into account when working with young people in this way.

  • Policy - Your PCC should be putting together their own policy for you to work to in relation to video conferencing calls. There is some really good advice in the Thirty One Eight document linked to below.
  • Risk Assessment - You should be writing risk assessments, signed off by your PCC, for every activity you run and online activities are no different. You need to outline everything that you will be doing in order to minimise the risks involved with this sort of activity. 
  • Consent - Find a way to ensure that you have parental consent both for participation in the video call as well as for recording if you intend to do so. The same rules apply as they would for taking photos and videos.  If you are recording the conversations then they must also be stored in accordance with current data protection regulation

The below document outlines best practice for physical presentation, clothing, environment, ratios or leaders, all administration and the ability to mute/kick anybody that is not behaving in an appropriate manor.

This advice should be taken in conjunction with that in the parish safeguarding handbook.

Current awareness for policy, practice and research (CASPAR)

Colouring by Emily

Emily Ludgate one of our very own youth workers has doodled some bible verses for colouring in. A great activity for any young person that loves to sit and doodle or colour. 

Could be a great gift to send out to your youth group or point them to here to download them and print themselves.

Use the button below to download the pdf

Group Challenges

Click the link below to download a whole document of ideas for group activities for young people in social isolation.

Video Conference

You might want to try doing an online video conference meeting with young people.

One of the best ways to do this would be to ask parents to sign up for an account and get them to pass the chat over to their young person.

It would be recommended that there are at least two adults in this chat in the same way as you would have two volunteers in person.

You may want to consider recording the video, not to be published but to keep for accountability records.

You can access full advice by the diocese of Worcester and access the zoom website using the links below