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Book Online for May Camp 2019 - Wildfire

2019 Prices

Full ticket - £59 (+£3.19 fee per ticket)

Early Bird (available until January 31st 2019) - £52 (+£2.81 fee per ticket)

New Group - £50 (+2.70 fee per ticket)

Day visitor - £20/day (+£1.08 fee per ticket) - Registration required (can be done in advance or on the gate), invoice follows after event.

Leaders Child - Up to school year 5 - £15 (+£0.82 fee per ticket)

Child aged 5 and under - FREE

You will be given the option to pay by card, cheque or invoice at checkout - please select on drop down menu.

How to Book

The start of the booking form is at the bottom of this page.

The online booking system is in two stages. We've done this to make life as simple as possible for you.

The booking system is set up for the youth leader to book. Individuals can book themselves on but this makes it slightly more complicated...but not too much.

Stage one

Use the booking form on this page to select the tickets that you want to buy. If you've never been to may camp before then go ahead and book new group tickets. If you've been before then I'm afraid that you'll have to buy standard tickets. 

Early bird tickets are available until the 31st January, after this date the early bird ticket option will dissapear and the only option will be to buy a full price ticket.

When you order your tickets you have a choice to pay for your tickets online or to receive an invoice.  If you choose the invoice option you will receive an invoice from eventbrite. This invoice will be payable within 30 days. Sadly Early-bird tickets are non-refundable.

Stage two

When you've purchased your tickets you will receive an email with a link to register the details of the young person. We will add your group name to the booking system, but you still need to create your group on the booking page!

First, head over to the registration page and click ' Register'  you will then need to click 'Create Group' to set up your group. - Create your group and give it a really obvious name so that the young people you're bringing can find you really easily. - For Example: St Mary's Horsham. Try and avoid using names like The super awesome coolest youth group evaaaaaa.  That's not helpful for identifying you.

Now your group has been created you can start to invite people to register and join your group. - The registration bit can be done by the youth leader but we recommend that you forward the link on to the parents for them to fill this bit in themselves.

Eventbrite allows an hour to complete the form (which should be ample) but if you get stuck you can save your progress and come back to it later on by logging in to eventbrite and under your name in the top right corner selecting "my tickets".


Hopefully that's really simple. There are instructions on what to do all the way along. If you get stuck, give us a shout.

dan.jenkins@chichester.anglican.org or youth@chichester.anglican.org