Diocese of Chichester Youth

Summer retreat for anyone who is working with youth or children within the diocese of Chichester.

Come away and spend 48 hours with us as we look at what God is doing in our ministry and how he has time for us.

We love retreating with you all and allowing you the space to connect with God the creator in this beautiful space of Ashburnham. Our time is spent hearing from each other as well as creating the time and space to hear from God, our loving father. We of course enjoy the amazing hospitality that Ashburnham offers and the fun we have as we relax and have fun.

We begin at 10.30am on Monday morning and will finish at 4.30pm on Tuesday. This time we have booked a late check out on the Tuesday, so we will have space in our rooms until 2pm. If you cannot make it for the whole time then please do feel free to join us for just the day.

All meals and accommodation are included as well as the snacks and teas and coffees.

Bookings open now for full retreat or day tickets.