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Judy Yeomans

Accredited National Trainer Godly Play UK

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a growing movement around the world, influencing churches’ support of spiritually rich practices for children and adults.As an approach to Christian nurture and education, it has implications for life-long learning.It is being enjoyed by children, in churches as well as schools across Sussex, as well as by adults in small groups.

Godly Play is is a no-coercive way to encourage children to move into larger dimensions of faith and belief through wondering and open-ended response time.

Godly Play is a way of preparing children to join in the worship and life of their communities as they develop a deeper understanding of stories, rites and symbols.

Godly Play provides opportunities for children to find spiritual direction in their lives through engaging in the creative process of enjoying the mystery and joy of God’s presence.

Would you like to see for yourself?

Why not arrange a Taster or Introductory session at your church or school run by accredited national Godly Play UK trainer Judy Yeomans

The short 'Taster' sessions aim to give you an experience of this style of presentation that invites children and young people into a safe sacred space in order to encounter and engage with stories of our faith. You will find out what makes Godly Play different from many other children’s curricula, through participating in a full Godly Play session.

The longer ‘Introduction’ sessions take a look at two or three genres of stories as well as some of the key theological and pedagogical ideas that inform the Godly Play philosophy.

These sessions are being led by Judy Yeomans, a children’s worker from TRINITY Church, Lewes and Godly PlayUK trainer.An informal Taster lasts approximately 2hours with time to ask questions and look at the materials.An Introductory session is usually over a whole day (6 hours) and is run by 2 experienced Godly Play practitioners.

Cost: £5pp for Taster sessions, £25pp for Introductory sessions

Please direct all enquiries to: judyisyeomans@gmail.com

If your church would like to host a GP Taster or Introductory Session:

List of requirements from host church

A key person who can be on hand to show me around the church, serve refreshments and act as host.

An area for serving refreshments, separate from the Godly Play space.

Refreshments: Tea and coffee.

A warm space in which to share the Godly Play experience with:

A couple of tables for displaying books and materials and another small table for the Holy Family ‘focal’ point.

Chairs for participants

Judy will bring:

My love of childhood and Godly Play!

Godly Play stories and materials, including a range of response materials and accompanying literature.

What Teachers say about Godly Play:

“Its inclusive.It focuses on children’s understanding from their own individual starting point…it feels open to their own ideas and understanding of Jesus and the stories that are told.Their responses are valued and all are respected.It is delightful to be part of a lesson where the children are so valued and everyone leaves with a sense of self-worth.”Emma Ricca; RE co-ordinator at Firle Church of England School.

"It really developed and changed the way I taught RE and also how the children could explore the Bible in school." Alex Wingham; Headteaacher at St Martin’s Church of England Nursery and Primary School.

“Godly Play has been used regularly and very successfully in several primary schools in the Sussex area, forming part of the RE programme or inspiring special themed weeks for the whole school. Pupils enjoy its quiet, thoughtful approach and teachers value the opportunity to provide time for meaningful reflection within the context of a busy school day. Lesley Mason, former primary school headteacher and Diocesan Schools Officer).

What children and parents say about Godly Play:

“I loved using Godly Play.Thinking and talking after was my favorite.”Year 2 pupil at St Martin’s Church of England Nursery and Primary School, Brighton.

“You can close your eyes and listen and think about God.”Year 1 pupil at Firle Church of England Primary School

“We can’t thank you enough for providing a space for our children to meet with God and with others in such a creative way.”Parent of child in Sunday Club

“I just wanted to say that having been in the session this morning, one of the things I loved was the clear sense of friendship and community there was in the Godly Play group. I loved seeing the children eager to share what they had and were going to get up to and really enjoyed watching them respond, not just by themselves but with each other too.” Sunday Club team leader

About Judy:

Judy Yeomans completed the Godly Play Foundation accredited training in 2010 and joined the team of UK Trainers in 2018.She is an active member of the Sussex Godly Play Network.She has experience of using Godly Play in Sunday schools and other settings with children and adults. She has been a member of TRINITY Church in Lewes for the last 13 years.

“Judy is an experienced and dedicated Godly Play practitioner who has much to offer schools. I would highly recommend her.”Lesley Mason, former primary school headteacher and Diocesan Schools Officer).

Available to Borrow

Volumes 1 – 6 of the Godly Play Handbooks are available to borrow.

The following Godly Play story materials are also available to borrow from Church House.

For details contact:-

Email:irene.smale@chichester.anglican.org or Tel: 07980 617584

  • The Circle of the Church Year
  • The Holy Family
  • The Flood and the Ark
  • The Great Family
  • The Ten Best Ways
  • The Ark and the Tent
  • The Ark and the Temple
  • Jonah the Backward Prophet
  • The Parable of the Good Shepherd
  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • The Parable of the Great Pearl
  • The Parable of the Sower
  • The Parable of Leaven
  • The Parable of the Mustard Seed
  • The Mystery of Easter the Lenten Cross
  • The Faces of Easter

The Godly Play Magazine

'The Circle'

Jerome Berryman (Ed)