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Maycamp Angels

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What is a Maycamp Angel?

In short, Maycamp Angels are sponsors that help us to continue offering this fantastic event.

The impact on young people's lives and their journey with God is massive - focussed on the local church and acting as a catalyst for young poeple and their faith. The weekend is packed with teaching and worship as well as a huge variety of sports, activities, seminars, games and workshops. At Maycamp young people see they're part of something bigger and we're all there because of the same Jesus.

But, Maycamp costs a lot more to run than we bring in with ticket sales.

There is already a huge amount of good will towards the event with over 50 volunteers each year, discounts from suppliers and loads of free resources given. There are clergy and youth leaders in our diocese still loving the event having grown up coming to maycamp at some point in the last 40 years.

Even with all this generosity maycamp is still a large financial commitment and to continue to run for the next 40 years we need some extra help covering our costs. We have increased ticket prices, but don't want to 'price out' those that would love and benefit from the event.

Whether you're a church or an individual any small donation will help us to balance budgets and continue to make this event affordable and available to young people in our diocese.

Please consider being a Maycamp Angel.