Diocese of Chichester Youth

Top Tips and Helpful Information

(1) Make the catering simple.

We do this by NOT preparing any meals on site. Instead we ask members of the congregation to prepare simple dinners e.g. spag bol, lasagna AND to box them up (takeaway style) into individual polystyrene boxes for the the teens. This is then transported and eaten immediately and it all runs like clockwork. Members of the congregation love doing this! Alternatively you can order takeaway pizza. We also make lunch very simple e.g. cheese slices, ham slices, roll, crisps. Finally we always have plenty of cakes donated by the congregation - to fill up anyone who needs filling up. Also to say that we do NOT do any washing up etc. on site. Instead we use disposable items.

(2) Make the tent stuff easy.

We do this by organising 'who is sharing with who' and 'who is bringing the tent' before the camp, asking them to practice putting up the tent in advance of the camp, asking parents to supervise AND explaining we will not put up tents for them. We also rent a marquee from the people who do the main marquee at May Camp - this saves an awful lot of fuss and pain, is always amazing and we have been blessed to always find someone in the congregation who wants to pay for it!

(3) Bring some games etc.

When the teens are not in the main tent or on organised activities, they need to be occupied. We take along footballs, basketball hoops,loom bands, craft activities, volley ball net, etc. Occasionally we have to organise something for the teens, but not often as the teens love the freedom to do these things ad hoc (they are always available) and on their own.